Rhymes for the Times with Lifelines

The author, Simon Siewsaran, is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Everlasting Gospel Church (established in 1997), a vibrant community ministry numbering 125 plus, located at Enterprise, Trinidad, and comprising of members from the grass root to the professional levels.

Pastor Siewsaran is also the host of “Don’t Give Up,” a popular radio broadcast that began in 2001 and is heard throughout Trinidad & Tobago and the southern Caribbean.

Mentored under a stalwart of the faith, the late Rev. K.H. Bancroft (Assemblies of God), his early years in Christian service were primarily among delinquent youths, including drug addicts. And although he was the target of numerous persecutions during this time, yet signs and wonders followed this servant of God who has impacted thousands of lives in honour of the Kingdom. Pastor Siewsaran has a powerful healing and deliverance ministry.

A third generation believer, both his mother and grandmother were Christians, Pastor Siewsaran was trained in Production and Mechanical Engineering and gave up a thriving business – Bleach Tech Chemicals –in 1993 to answer the call of God’s on his life.

Appointed a Marriage Officer in 2001 by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, Pastor Siewsaran is a contributor to Livewire, a monthly Christian publication, and is also a registered coach with the Gymnastics Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

His effervescent, lyrical style of preaching endears him to both young and old; and his anointed ministry extends beyond his pastoral duties, most notably as the President of “Touch T&T Ministries,” a para‐ church organization that conducts national events, including crusades, concerts and prayer assemblies.

His missionary trips include the Holy Land (on three occasions) Egypt, England, Holland, USA and the Caribbean islands of Antigua, Barbados and St. Lucia. In 1987 Pastor Siewsaran received the title of Jerusalem Pilgrim from Israel’s Ministry of Tourism.

He is the husband of Johanna, co‐pastor of the Everlasting Gospel Church, and the father of two daughters, Victoria Sarah and Gloria Elizabeth.