Sharon Chuck

Sharon Chuck

To the most Supreme High God, who rule over heaven and the earth. My praises goes out to thee for thinking about me, while creating thr world. you dear God, has given me the inspiration, even though, I have slacked in my concerns of thee.

To my audience, I only pray that these songs will be of an encouragement to your souls and in your time of struggles. :You are never alone". These songs were written during the most difficult times of my life. I got comforted during my moments in prayer in God, Today, I can share my expeiences and victories through my songs with you. So no matter what you are foing through, victory will be yours, thank you my sons for being my best critiques and for your patience. I love you very much.

Many thank to Karl Marret who did a wonderdful job with this Album. Many thanks to my well wishers and for your encouragements.

Thanks to Patrick Reid who work wonders with these songs; also, thank you (3D); Sheena Sterling, Samara Sterling, and rachel Fisher, for backing me up in such professional way. Thank you (HAWK), man!! we love you DJ.

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