Evangelist Lascelles Anglin

Evangelist Lascelles Anglin

Lascelles Anglin is one of nine children born to the late Bertina and James Anglin in the sunny island of Jamaica. As a child his talent was evident to everyone. He was known for his love of music and the ability to bring it to life through his dance moves. His songs and upbeat personality brought joy and cheer to those in his hometown. At a tender age Lasecelles accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and continue to use is singing ministry to promote the Gospel of Jesus and to uplift and comfort the heart of others.

He is an excellent husband to his loving wife Cynthia and an outstanding father and grandfather to his three children, their spouses, and eight wonderful grandchildren.

In 1986 Lascelles was ordained as an evangelist of the Living Church of God in Newland District, St Catherine, where he serves faithfully.

In 1986 Evangelist Anglin migrated to the United States of America upon arrival in the U.S. he was instrumental in the re-organization of the All Nation United Church of God in Paterson, New Jersey, where he remains a devoted member. As a child Evangelist Anglin would dream of becoming a gospel recording artist, which for a long time seemed unattainable, however through the grace of God it became a reality; In August 2004 Evangelist Anglin released his first Album “Millionaire “and was nominated for several awards over the past six years. In 2006 he received the Gospel Music Award for Solo Artist of the year - Male and the Caribbean Gospel Music Award for the Most Improved Caribbean Artist. His second album “Let the Whole Church Dance” was release in 2006.

Evangelist Anglin has not rest since the release of is 2nd albums. He continues to use his strong desire to lead others to Christ through music and the spoken word. Impressing upon listeners it is not about the music but the message in the song. Evangelist Anglin has helped “True Grace Promotions Company” to be recognized as one of the leading Caribbean Gospel Promotions company in the world for Caribbean Gospel Music.

Evangelist Anglin is not only a minster of music but he is also a master builder in construction he has used is talent and knowledge to assist in the rebuilding of is local sanctuary. He is very active in his local community in raising awareness and funds to support Parochial schools and ministering to the young people is one of his greater joys of his ministry. Evangelist Anglin as learned and is taking the time to make sure that the youths are properly encourage and nurture in there development and walk with Christ. He knows that unjustified criticisms can push young people away from the Lord instead of bringing them closer, so he has made it his duty to correctly explain to the youths that there is freedom in worshiping Christ. Always reminding them that man looked at the outward appearance but Christ sees the heart.

Evangelist Anglin is about to release his third album which has received excellent reviews, it filled with many inspirational songs with the title track “Mount Calvary” also “I am a child of a King and Through the Storm.” These songs express his love and passion for Christ. This album will build your faith, encourage and uplift you with words and soul filled rhythems. These songs that were written and selected for this album are able to minister to people no matter what level you are in your walk with Christ.

Evangelist Anglin is a true example according to the book of Habakkuk, “though the vision tarry wait for it, it will surely come”. He is a godly man of good character and strong faith.

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Let The Whole Church Dance Mount Calvary Millionaire
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