King Arthur

King Arthur

Realizing his strength as a singer, song-writer, musician and recording artiste, Winston "King Arthur" Blake is aware of the many challenges a gospel singer encounters, in his quest to inspire, uplift and entertain people, who comes in contact with his music. His current debut album entitled "Preparation Time"delivers a number of thought provoking songs that includes "Full Time Now" Mama, Prayer Time, Glory, Act Professional and Lift Up Jesus. His music echoes a call to consciousness and to a new awareness. His songs also bring into sharp focus an in-depth understanding of God's truth, the foundation on which he relies with his ministry, in regards to directing his path as singer, songwriter, musician, pastor, writer and publisher of God's principles and truth.

King Arthur's reggae driven gospel music has propelled him into the hearts of the conscious, while also impacting on the hype driven generation who in these troubled times, are searching for a positive message they can relate to. His "Full Time Now" is a thought provoking song that looks at the church, and the role its members must play in reaching out to each other. The song plays a crucial role in reaching a fraternity called "Dancehall," that has been labeled lost, unreachable and irredeemable by some churches. However, what is also interesting says King Arthur is that the dancehall stands in total solidarity in regards to their culture, whether we like it or not. What is encouraging is that they are equally enthused by reggae driven gospel music, and whole-heartedly embrace gospel music that allows them to express themselves in their own unique way.

King Arthur sees his mission as being able to reach not only Christians, but the beat conscious and rhythm driven generation, who directs the dancehall cathedrals musically. His music is razor sharp and stepping, and the message in his music addresses spiritual, social, economic and cultural issues all relevant in bringing together God's people. Winston "King Arthur"Blake and his wife Pastor and writer Lona Copeland-Blake are of the opinion that the message of deliverance must reach each and every man, woman and child. The message should also include the trend-setting, dance driven and rhythm conscious people, who make up the dancehall and hip-hop fraternities of the world. This says King Arthur can only be achieved by showing love and respect, and by demonstrating that Christianity is neither a social, cultural or spiritual burden. It is indeed "Preparation Time" and as Christians we must ensure that the Dancehall returns the lost sheep.

To achieve this Christians must venture into these musical cathedrals, and without any apologies declare to the world that "It's Full Time Now" thus we are bringing in the sheep. King Arthur is among the most sought after gospel artistes in the business. His frequent visits to the land of his birth Jamaica, is a result of several invitations he receives from promoters, and organizations to appear in command performance. He has appeared on the popular annual gospel festival "Fun In The Sun" from its inception, along with Stitchie, Carlene Davis, the Catalyst Crew along with others. He has also graced the stage at the Sam Wisdom produced "Back to Basics" and The Dawning. King Arthur was on the line up for the 2005 2006 Genesis concert. This is one of the most popular gospel shows in the Caribbean. He was a guest at the prestigious 2005 MAJA award which was held in Toronto Canada. King Arthur continues to perform alongside other leading gospel acts based in the U.K. and Canada, these include George Banton, Noel Robinson, and Raymond and Co. just to mention a few.

His debut album "Preparation Time" has been released by Kings Music and is being distributed by "Jet Star Records" in London, and by Sonic Sounds in Kingston Jamaica. His music delivers the message without any compromise or apologies. A gifted song-writer and musician, King Arthur represents the socio-spiritual, and the unfathomable cultural awareness to be found in most Caribbean people. His album "Preparation Time" delivers the soul stirring gospel sounds of his people.

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