Gospel Radio Stations

Caribbean Gospel Artists

True Grace Promotions Inc. gospel artists of caribbean gospel music are singing gospel songs in the name of Jesus Christ. These christian music artists for our concert promotion company have all travelled different roads and have come together here with us at True Grace Promotions Inc. With gospel reggae growing these christian artist give caribbean music a new sound. At many christian music festivals these artist travel around New Jersey performing live chrisitan music. View these gospel artist and also listen to samples of their christian music tracks with some artist offering free christian music downloads.


Evangelist Lascelles Anglin Ambassador Grandison Avaton Richards Cee Josephs
Cherry-Ann Hislop Deborah Antignano Delroy Souden Evangelist E. Gobourne
Fay Gordon George Banton Janet Lewis
Joslet Foster JP Chilla Kevin Flynn Kim Arthur
King Arthur Lamar Powell Melinda Morrison Pastor Lincoln Sutherland
Patrick Reid Rev. Nana Kwame Anane Sharon Chuck Trevon Clarke
Troy Genius Warren Brady Zaccheus Zarwardee
1 Family 1 Blood Adoration C.R.E.A.M. Harmony
Pinnocks Silvertones Of Barbados Soul Patrol  
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