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Avaton Antonio Richards (aka Bro. Avaton) was born in the cayman Islands, in 1981, to Parents Albert and Doxinette Richards. He was resided in St. Andrew, Jamaica West Indies, until he was 15, when he migrated to the United states to join his mother in Orange New Jersey. He is the last of the eight children.

As a child growing up, he always loved to sing. He also has a passion to play the drums. There were no real drums available to him at that time, so Avaton would use two pieces of sticks to hit old cans and sing to the rhythm. This was done at his favorite place, which is under the cherry tree in the backyard.

Avaton was introduced to the Lord at an early age. He sang on the sunday school choir, and always aspired to be a member of the Senior Choir. Avaton is currently, a prominent lead singer for ' The Challengers' singing group. This group consists mostly family members. He is also a lead singer on the First United Tabernacle Church Choir, under the leadership of Bishop Lloyd L. Faulkner, in Orange New Jersey, where he Currently attends.

In 2005, Avaton found his missing rib, when he was joined in holy matrimony with his beautiful wife, Nordia. The Lord blessed their union with a wonderful daughter, Ariana.

Avaton is well known for his anointed singing and unique voice throughout the Oranges, Irvington, & Newark areas, and some cities in New York and Canada. He ministers at various concerts among renowned gospel singers like, Bro. Paul, George Banton, Hopeton Lewis Claudell Clark.

His dream is to make make gospel CDs, and distribute them all over the world, so that his singing will make its way into the hearts of people, to bring them closer to the Lord so that they will find salvation before it's too late. He hopes that many will be comforted, held, and delivered, after listening to his music. He desires that his music will reach into countries that he may never be able to visit, in his lifetime. Avaton is ambitious, fun loving and most of all loves the Lord, his family, and has a passion for souls. Avaton finally release his first cd october 20 2007 title KEEP ON THE FIRING LINE this CD is a blessing to people far and near.


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Keep On The Firing Line
Keep On The Firing Line
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